The Color Of Your Aura

A selection of 1 of 1 peice that have been created to stand out.

Aura Denim

Variety of different themed 1 of 1 jeans from Floral to Paisley  

Aura Jackets

A unique variety of bold jackets from flannel to patchwork designs to... 

  • 1 of 1 one-of-a-kind Jeans

    A variety of vibrant styles from patchwork to floral,to Paisely . Also a selection of hand dyed and painted pants.

  • Multi Layerd Aura Cargos

    A pattern design to create a bubble-ish theme often contrasting colors to make an appealing combination.

  • Flannels

    A collection of reworked flannels crafted to assemble the perfect color contrast.

Auras Favorites

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